3 Touch Screen Kiosk Examples That Can Help Your Business Grow



You have no doubt noticed as you go through your daily routine that, quite recently, the touch screen kiosk has gone from a tech-forward novelty to a regular fixture in all types of different enterprises. So you know touch screens are important – but it might still be a bit of a conceptual leap to go from recognizing what you see popping up around you to understanding how you can use it as a tool for your own business.  

So let’s look a little closer, and see what a few prominent businesses are really doing with their touch screens, and how that applies to you. The following three examples will give you an idea of the kind of growth opportunities that touch screen kiosks are opening up for a wide range of businesses.  

McDonald’s Touch Screen Ordering Kiosk

It has been piloted abroad for years and now it’s finally reached the U.S., the McDonald’s touch screen ordering kiosk has been rolled out as a part of the retail concept that the chain is calling “The McDonald’s of the Future,” which it hopes will add some 21st century polish to the Golden Arches.

The touch screen kiosks, installed in the waiting area of the restaurant, enable customers to build their own burgers by selecting from a large menu of ingredients one would expect to find at a gourmet burger outlet, not a fast-food chain. They also give the chain’s new outlets a more upscale, futuristic look and feel than a traditional fast-food restaurant.

As the chain tries to reinvent itself to compete with fast-casual restaurants, these implementations show the critical role that touch screens can play in both enhanced customer convenience and brand reinvention, culminating in a business boost.

Pittsburgh Port Authority Kiosks

Touch screen kiosks are an incredibly valuable tool for getting the right dynamic information into the right hands. This is something that municipal bodies are realizing, as demonstrated most recently in the adoption of touch screen kiosks by the Port Authority in Pittsburgh. The kiosks have been rolled out to enable people to see on-screen transportation routes as well as interact with the screens to plan their trips.

While such touch screen innovations tied to the public transportation infrastructure demonstrate clear value in their potential to prevent people from getting lost and missing their trains and buses, the concept also offers a world of value for the private sector. In-store kiosks that display the place of inventory, especially in large appliance stores, can allow customers to get in and get out without too much wandering – and can even offer dynamic suggestions and discounts to customers as they plot their route through the store.  This enhanced functionality doesn’t just help customers get what they need, it keeps them coming back, building loyalty and building the business.

Drive-Thru Window Kiosks

It’s not just ordering inside restaurants that’s being made more convenient by the introduction of touch screens. In Iowa, Subway has been introducing touch screen kiosks to its drive-thru, streamlining the traditional drive-thru window experience. Rather than yelling from a car window into an all-too-familiar, (and notoriously difficult to hear) drive-thru PA, customers reach out of the window and press the on-screen buttons that correspond to the questions they’re asked by a digital assistant.

drive_through_kiosk.jpgTouch screen drive-thru kiosks may prove to solve some problems endemic to drive-thru windows, like mistaken and misheard orders and the corresponding backups that get frustrated, hungry motorists honking their horns. But even more interesting is that these particular kiosks have an order-saving feature. Customers enter their phone numbers on their first order, and on subsequent visits can re-enter them to pull up their previous order. A setup like this could lead to even quicker ordering in the future.

These touch screens demonstrate that streamlining out nagging inefficiencies is the path to greater customer satisfaction – so keep that in mind when you’re looking to grow your business by implementing a touch screen.  

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