5 of the Best Media Signage Examples We've Seen So Far


It is no secret that digital signage is everywhere. Consider how often you order a morning coffee or afternoon salad from a touchscreen kiosk. Alternatively, think about the last time you saw an interactive media display in a shopping mall. Various types of digital signage have become an extension of modern life.

However, did you know that digital signage motivates customers to make decisions? In fact, one in five consumers will make an unplanned purchase because of digital signage. Plus,  the presence of digital signage can boost brand awareness by 47 percent and drive sales by 29 percent.

Need inspiration for your next campaign? Consider some of our favorites.

1. British Airways

As part of its #lookup campaign, British Airways merged media signage with real-time flight information to create an immersive, creative billboard experience. While presenting a video featuring a child pointing to the sky, the billboard also recognized overhead airplanes by listing the flight information and destination.

This eye-catching 2013 campaign is often considered the cornerstone of media signage; it is a prime example of one way that technology and media can rejuvenate even the most traditional advertising techniques.

2. Hjärtat

In an attempt to raise awareness on the topic of addiction, specifically on the addictiveness of cigarette smoking, Swedish pharmacy Hjärtat created the “coughing billboard.” Utilizing a digital billboard with built-in smoke detectors, the campaign featured someone who would virtually cough at individuals walking past the installation while smoking. However, instead of shaming these individuals, the billboard presented a series of products designed to help people quit smoking.

This campaign is an effective usage of emotion and experiential marketing. While the “New Year, New Resolutions” campaign may have been controversial, it is undeniably memorable.

3. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

5-of-the-best-media-signage-examples.pngTo promote their Discovery Channel Shark Week exhibit, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo created a “digital shark cage”, an installation that featured a video wall of 91 digital screens. By playing video footage of sharks and other underwater creatures, the installation provided a truly immersive experience for visitors.

As this experience illustrates, when paired with rich media, interactive hardware can effectively create an attractive atmosphere.

4. Universal Pictures – Despicable Me 2

To promote the theatrical release of Despicable Me 2, Universal Pictures installed digital billboards in malls across five European cities that encouraged users to engage with characters from the film. The campaign operated through a mobile-controlled, geo-specific platform that enabled individuals to engage with the signage through text messages or online interaction. Users were able to customize the interface and personalize their interactions with the digital hardware.

This digital out-of-home experience shows the potential of personalized experiences; this interactive billboard perfectly illustrates the combination of customization and media campaigns.

5. Coca-Cola Singapore

The Lunar New Year is a time for celebrating family and kinship. However, as Singapore becomes increasingly saturated with the use of technological tools such as smartphones, a rift widens between the country’s older and younger generations. To combat this gap, Coca-Cola Singapore turned to the power of digital media. The integrated campaign featured two “Happiness Creator Machines” that were placed in two separate parts of the country: one area frequented by the younger generation, and another area frequented by the older generation.

These interactive machines enabled the two generations to interact with each other using Coca-Cola branded props and products. This cross-country experiment also allowed users to virtually send a surprise gift to users on the other side. As this feel-good campaign illustrates, it’s possible to inspire emotion and connection through digital media—even amongst strangers.

These five campaigns show the potential of interactive media signage. As the world continues to digitally evolve, it also becomes possible to naturally integrate media-rich campaigns into everyday experiences.

What are your favorite interactive campaigns? Let us know in the comments below!