Interactive Retail Experience in Tesla Showrooms


Unlike every other car dealership in existence, the Tesla showroom is on a high-trafficked street in an upscale shopping neighborhood. Neighboring shops include Gucci, Salvatore Ferregamo, and Tumi. So pedestrians passing by the store might actually have enough money to buy a Tesla.

And since a large portion of the population doesn't yet know what Tesla is, it makes sense for the startup to have a flashy showroom on a busy street instead of a sad dealership on the side of a highway. Test-drive vehicles are kept in a special Tesla parking facility behind the store.  However the touch screen monitors are kept in Tesla showroom and let potential customers design their very own vehicle.

Design Your Tesla|Interactive Displays 

Gawking at the vehicles is encouraged, particularly by kids who might harass their very wealthy parents into buying a Tesla. "We want every six year old who comes in the store to come into the car," says Blankenship. That's something you wouldn't hear from the owner of a Porsche or Mercedes dealership.

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The interactive application created by NURUN seeks to engage the public and generate sales in each store. The experince allows visitors to learn about all aspects of the vehicle, customize their perfect tesla and then make a purchase. In a high traffic location a salesperson can only service so many clients. This uniquie interactive experience allows Tesla shoppers to engage in a private hands off sales experience.

Cars are a big ticket purchase, and the sales cycle can last several months. Nurun's application lets shoppers save their design and view it later on thier home computer or tablet device.

The application benifits Tesla through ananlytics data on customer interactions. The data allows Tesla to better serve their customers and provide a delightful sales experience.

The software application works like a CMS and is connected to Tesla stores across the globe. This allows Tesla's team to make real time changes immediatly to interactive stations throughout the world.


Author Bio: Jonathan Maniery

Jonathan Maniery is Marketing Coordinator for Horizon Display an Interactive Solutions Company located in Organge County, Ca.

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