Beautiful Examples of Interactive Video Wall Experiences


Here at Horizon display, we love interactive video walls! And we never get tired of getting photos from our clients' video walls in action. Here, we gathered some of our favorites:

1. Our client wanted to leave a lasting impression on their visitors by showcasing their products and services in a modern and dynamic way. I wouldn't soon forget a trip to this office - would you?

Video Wall 1 2. General Electric created the vehicle innovation center below to effectively engage with their employees and customers. They contacted Horizon to create the centerpiece of their exhibit.

GE Interactive Video Wall

3. Another one of our happy clients, Google (have you heard of them?), wanted to showcase their newest app, a 3D model of a bookcase that spins side to side and up and down, with more than 10,000 titles. I can't think of a better way to add some cool factor to your library.

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4. You're just going to have to check out the video for this next interactive video wall project. It's nothing short of amazing . . .

Toyota Vision Wall at 2011 Detroit Auto Show from PUSH Offices on Vimeo. 

Toyota Vision Wall at 2011 Detroit Auto Show from PUSH Offices on Vimeo.

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