Amazing Interactive Solutions in Today's Top Universities


The Univeristy of California, Davis uses touch screen monitors in their law school to educate visitors on the school's history, and provide information on faculty members.  Additionally UC Davis uses interacitve way-finding applications on the touch screen to guide users to thier desired destinations.

UCD Student using touch screen monitor

There at total of 14 large touch screens (provided by Horizon Display) throughout the facility.  While the majority of the displays run a directory application with interactive way-finding, a strategically placed touch screen next to the famous statue of Martin Luther King is used to educate visitors on MLK and the School of Law.

The content gives students and visitors several options. They can view history and information on the statue of Martin Luther King, see Dr. King's Life Story, or see a full history of King Hall. Additionally this featured touch screen lets you view photos, videos, and a timeline on king hall.


Attracting students and pedigreed new faculty to colleges is getting more difficult as competition is increasing for enrollment and faculty. UC Davis chose to leave the competition in the dust with thier renovation of King Hall. The 14 large touch screens help bring excitment and enhance the image of the School of Law. The narrative told on the displays, and the interactive element make prospective and curent students feel like they are part of something special.

Directories and way-finding while simple, do increase university brand awareness and make life easier for students by pointing them exactly where they want to go.  Being a recent UCD economics graduate , part of the appeal of attending the college was the pedigree and track record of my professors. Understanding just how reputable your professors are in their field, sometimes even on a global level tends to be a big driver of enrollment appeal. 


Having an emerrsive interactive way to learn about future professors while touring a potential campus, is a great way to build excitement and can play a huge part of the decision on what university to attend. UC Daivs chose to leave no stones unturned at the King School of Law, and gave all visitors an interactive experience.

Queensland University of Technology - The world’s biggest interactive multitouch installation and the largest continuous array of unlimited touch displays. 

The exhibition includes forty-eight 55” ultra-thin bezel displays, forming the 1,400 cubic metre Cube. The Cube comprises 6 educational zones, including the two-story, 14 meter long Virtual Reef where 20 multi-touch displays ingeniously combine with an edge-blended projection system, and the innovative Physics Zone. See More Here

Physics Can Be Fun!
Interactive Video Wall

Marine Biology Front and Center, PleaseMulti-Touch Video Wall

Knowing Your Local Ecology is Mission CriticalTouch Screen Video Wall

University of Oregon - UO has a rich and diverse history. It's Engineering chops are world renowned as is their Athletics program. But do you know what they have achieved in Science?  Did you know about their expansive Greek life? Whether you're a prospective student or a proud alumni, this exhibit blends the worlds of each beautifully. Check out more about the arhictectural and technological feats of the Cheryl Ramberg Ford AND Allyn Ford Alumni Center

Rome's Not the Only One with Impressive ColumnsMulti-Touch Video Walls

Multi-Touch Tables Aren't Just for the Kiddies - Alum Have Just as Much FunMulti-Touch Tables

There's a Bright Future in Interactive Video Wallstouch screen video wall

Univesity of Missouri - When it was orginally installed in 2011, Mizzou had one of the largest touchscreen video walls in the United States. Located just upon entry into the Missouri Athletic Training Complex, the 3x2 multi-touch wall provides a look into "The Total Athlete Experience" - a rich touch engaged database telling the story of all 21 sports at Mizzou. Visitors are greeted with a life size pacing animated tiger that attracts the user via proximity sensors.

Rawr - Come on Over and Touch Me - I Dare You!Large Touch Screen

Large Touch Screens are Best When Used for Interacting with Big Playerslarge touch screen video wall

Single User? No Way! It's All About Multi-Touch Monitor Technology - Don't Skimp NowMulti-Touch Monitors


acura interactive technology case study 

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