The Unspoken Truths of Touchscreen Content



First, let’s start with some stats I painstakingly researched on the internet for 5 minutes:

  • The average human attention span is 8 seconds
  • Most people who click on this article won’t finish reading it
  • 22% of American adults have ADD/ADHD
  • 1 out of 4 of them is faking it, but that doesn’t mean they don't have attention span problems - Oh! Something shiny!

So what does this all mean for touch screen content? It means every touch point has to add real value to your user, like NOW. We have 8 seconds to answer a question, solve a problem or fill a need  – and still we see way too many mediocre touch interfaces.

What is it Worth to You?

When it comes to interactive software, we often speak on our audiences behalf determining what we think they want to know, see, hear or buy. Without proper research into the minds and needs of customers, companies often miss the mark and publish content that doesn't bring expected results.

buyer_persona2.pngPrior to any major marketing or touch strategy, it is vital to find out what's considered important and valuable information to your audience. Even if the information doesn't support your value proposition or make you look like a rock star, your transparency and ability for your audience to gain authentic information will improve user adoption and ROI.


Value at Every Touch Point

Now that we have defined "valuable", it's not enough for your solution to be filled with valuable tidbits and insight. Every step, or touch point, needs to lead your audience down a journey providing real value each step of the way.

PORTFOLIO-FEATURED-IMAGE.jpgFor example, let's say your interactive pop-up exhibit at the mall has successfully attracted and engaged a user. But with the very next click, they've come to a screen with lots of words and paragraphs of information that they care nothing about. And as quick as that, you have lost them and failed to convert. 

Designed For the Audience or For the Boss?

Today’s consumer is the center of their own universe, and most interactive digital signage is doing too much “talking” and not enough listening and learning. Sometimes we forget that the purpose of what we’re doing is to, 1) solve for the user’s problems because problems exist, 2) create opportunities because opportunities exist, 3) create a delightful “wow” moment because monotony exists. What doesn’t exist are groups of people wandering around the world looking for “about us” information about a company they know very little about.

b2b-targeting-300x300.pngLet’s get real for a second and find the root of this problem. Why is there an “about us” icon in so many interactive interfaces? Is it because the CEO said so? The unspoken truth is that many touch screen monitor interfaces have been designed for the person approving the project.

By and large, most executives, project leaders and other invested humans to do the right thing for their business. We can roll our eyes when they make requests like making the font Arial, or asking to change the background to royal blue because it’s their company color, but if they would like to see success in their investment the right thing to do would be to clarify what they really need.

Understandably, there may be requests you are unwilling to defy, so this is a matter of picking your battles. Sometimes one or two little somethings from a higher up that make absolutely no sense to you will have no effect on the success of your interactive solution. But sometimes they can be devastating. At that point, you need to be willing to go to the mat. 



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