Custom Software Designed to Capture Specific Metrics at New Meadowlands Stadium


One of the greatest strengths of a custom interactive experience is its ability to capture specific success metrics. The ability to capture metrics is one of the major weakness of off-the-shelf interactive software becuase there's no possible way to predict the objectives when analytics are generalized for a one-size-fits-all model.

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A great example of a custom interactive experience utilizing touch analytics is the MetLife Central Experience in New Meadowlands Stadium.

Our agency partners, Sapient Nitro, added amazing value to the already legendary stadium by creating a dynamic multi-screen experience for MetLife. They developed a centralized customer loyalty program where users could sign up online, win prizes and play games.

Upon arriving at New Meadowlands Stadium, participants can swipe their customer loyalty card at one of the impressive Horizon Display touch screens and engage in large scale games. Then, Twitter and Facebook spread buzz and highlighted the winners.

In addition to creating masses of delighted fans, Sapient was also able to present MetLife with the ability to quantify the success of this investment by capturing valuable online data, social media interactions and on-site engagements with touch analytics. 

Without the inclusion of touch analytics, there would be no accurate way to determine the success of the touch screen experience. A lack of interaction could indicate the need to rethink the design or placement of the displays, maybe even reevaluate the marketing of the on-site experience. Or an overwhelming amount of interaction could suggest investing in additional screens to extend the experience to all fans with a shorter wait time. 1600 resized 600

By analyzing all of the metrics that come from this multi-screen experience, Sapient created closed-looped analytics which allows them to track a user from the moment of first engagement (at home, online), to when the user engages with the touch display at the actual event, to the social media interactions that happen after. With this information, they can look back to see which channels are most effective at engaging participants and which need to be improved upon. 

The point is successful interactive experiences aren't improved upon based on feelings - successful improvements are based on data! 

Check out their video case study here.


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