Overwhelmed High School Students Present an Opportunity for College Admissions


Non traditional Student 35660893 © WavebreakmediaMicro resized 600Picking a college is on the same list as buying a house, getting married, and having kids. It’s that list titled “The Most Important Decisions We Make in Life.” And like all of the other items on that list making a decision can be overwhelming! And unfortunately not too many schools are making that decision easy.

Students today are utilizing technology to scope your school out: your website, other websites with reviews on your school, mobile apps, social media, and digital resources on campus. They are looking for important information relevant to them and they demand it be presented quickly and efficiently. 

Consider revising your website’s navigation for Admissions to be more of a guide, not just a place for information. Most university websites are a labyrinth of information and do not pack the necessary punch that an inquiring student would require to make a serious impression on their decision. Take the visitor on a journey of the admissions process explaining each step. It’s important not to assume that process is easily navigable alone. 

Figure out how to get potential students to like and follow you. Social media and mobile apps are effective ways of getting targeted information out there but the problem there is that the inquiring student needs to already be invested in the school in order to be reached that way. Consider the different touch points you have with your potential students and provide ample opportunity for them to connect with you on social then and there. 

Get digital on campus. Most potential students are visiting your campus and getting a feel for the place. Consider the types of resources you have available for them on site. Are you just giving them pamphlets to take home? So is everyone else. Universities are beginning to invest in touch screen experiences that help educate potential and existing students about what is going on at the school. Not only do these experiences provide a great technology tool that presents the message the way students are used to receiving it, but it also sends the message that this school is modern and forward thinking. 



Author Bio | Casey Dubbs | Horizon Display

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