4 Ways Touchscreens Can Increase Your Home Sales


New home sales are on the rise, even though profits may not be.  Experts have targeted 520,000 new home sales for 2015, with prices rising in 88% of cities. However, two-thirds of those same cities reported lower gains than the year before. Finding innovative ways to increase profit with your home sales is as important as ever.


Here are 4 ways that interactive touch screen monitors can increase your home sales


1.) Painting the picture


The goal for everyone is getting the buyer to find his or her dream home. In order to find that, they need to be able to envision themselves in one of the homes you are offering. That works great when there is a beautifully upgraded model to walk through, but what if the models don’t quite fit the families needs or tastes? That is where painting the picture becomes crucial.

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Interactive touch screens can provide that missing piece and help buyers visualize the customizations and options that turn a house into a dream home. With the right interactive software, you can go beyond 2D floor plans and show 3D models that can be “walked” through virtually. Mix and match structural options with interactive floor plans. Expand windows, move doors and choose a loft instead of that extra bedroom to transform a plan in front of a buyer's eyes. Help buyers understand the scale of a room by adding furniture and staging.


Then once the perfect plan has been identified, print a customized floor plan with all the handpicked options versus a standard builder flyer.


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2.) Sharing the vision


When developing a new home community, it is not just a house that you are selling, it’s a lifestyle. Take prospective buyers through a tour of the planned neighborhood, the parks and outdoor amenities as well as the nearby schools and stores. If there are plans for future development, share the cities approved plans. If your neighborhood is going to be gated or have an entry monument, rather than just state it, show the buyers pictures and renderings of the community. Make learning about the community a memorable experience.


3.) Selling the Upgrades


Building a new house can be so much fun. The lure of picking everything you want and customizing it to your own liking is a dream. In today’s world, buyers are savvy shoppers. They are connected and informed and expect the same experience when buying a new home. Give them the ability to research various models available and weigh the pros and cons. Show them what the options will look like in full HD versus a small 5”x5” sample. Also, remember that home buyers are not experts. Provide the knowledgeable advice as to which water heater or type of insulation they should choose for their home. Not all Design Center Sales Associates can give the education today’s buyers are looking for when making large financial decisions.


Interactive touchscreens can give connected buyers the data they are looking for and help them to choose options that go together and meet their tastes all while tallying up total costs and helping them understand what that means to their monthly payment.


4.) Collect sales leads

 bad email signup form resized 600Collect potential buyer email addresses as they register to save their customizations and options. Having a way to contact your buyers and know exactly what it is they are looking for is invaluable! Don’t let potential buyers grab a flyer, walk through a model and then out the door of your sales office to never be heard from again! Engage them, show them your story and find out theirs.





Author Bio | Casey Dubbs | Horizon Display

Casey Dubbs, Marketing Manager Horizon DisplayCasey Dubbs, Marketing Manager for Horizon Display. Casey is a classic over-achiever who likes to get the job done right and can’t stand when things are left unfinished or with unmet potential. She is passionate about implementing others’ vision into reality. When she is not obsessing over marketing, she can be found on Pinterest trying to find recipes everyone in her family will eat.