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It seems like there isn't a single industry that interactive technology hasn't touched these days. The latest industry to take advantage of all touchscreens have to offer is none other than the craft beer market. Breweries have been focused on tech to advance their brewing methods for ages; however, now they are using it to completely elevate the taproom experience. Here are a few genius ways the industry has leveraged fresh and innovative ideas to connect with their consumers and bolster brand loyalty. In other words, here’s your recap of the haps on the taps.


Coasters Get their First Facelift in… Well, Ever.Thinfilm_Coaster-Art_6-2-171.jpg

Coming up with creative campaigns to get your brand’s message out is hard, especially in the crowded market of craft beer. Even though they are well-known in the industry, two breweries have teamed up with Thin Film Electronics ASA to give their patrons uninterrupted and interactive insight into the beer they are drinking - via their NFC-enabled coasters. Coronado Brewing and Oskar Blues have both rolled out these “smart coasters” to give craft enthusiasts a taste of the story behind the beer, all with a single tap. Reviewing the data showed a 13-17.5% increase in website conversions.


Taproom Trend: Elevating the Experience Via Self-Pouring Taps and Touchscreen Ordering



With the way pour-your-own taprooms are taking the nation by storm, we’re willing to bet you live within a quick drive of one, whether you’ve visited it yet or not. To pick only one example, Red Arrow Taproom just outside of Chicago has installed 48 self-pouring taps and streamlined their ordering with touchscreen monitors (Wi-Fi included), and their visitors are loving it. Walking up to a tap to get standardized and trusty information about a beer, avoiding a crazy-long line, trying brews charged by the ounce and pretending you’re a bartender (if but only for a moment) are merely a few of the perks of their tech-driven taproom.


You’re Only a Few Taps Away from Trying a New Beer


Schlafly Bottleworks has put in some serious work to provide customers with the answers to their most-asked questions. What do you get when you combine: a year of planning, a local lead engineer, a UI designer and an ad agency? Well, the culmination of it all is an interactive wall that provides “baseball card” bytes of knowledge about every beer on their tap-list, perfect for the novice and expert alike. It’s been such a hit that the Tap Room they have in downtown St. Louis will be getting its own touchscreen very soon.



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