Tech Companies Bank on Algorithms to Pinpoint Your Next Pour [The Haps on the Taps]


It seems like there isn't a single industry that interactive technology hasn't touched these days. The latest industry to take advantage of all touchscreens have to offer is none other than the craft beer market. Breweries have been focused on tech to advance their brewing methods for ages; however, now they are using it to completely elevate the taproom experience. Here are a few genius ways the industry has leveraged fresh and innovative ideas to connect with their consumers and bolster brand loyalty. In other words, here’s your recap of the haps on the taps.


There are currently so many different apps that will predict your favorite new beer or bottle-trading-buddy that I’m running with a geographical theme for today’s roundup of “beer + tech” news. These three companies all hail from a single state: North Carolina.

Next Glass

Now, you likely already know how much chemistry and data goes into brewing the beers you enjoy; but how about when they join forces in the new pursuit of predicting just how much you’re going to enjoy your next glass (hence the name, of course)? Use your Taste Profile to rateprevious pints and a whole slew of recommendations will be revealed for you to keep your “to try” queue interesting. They’ve done so incredibly well with their 3+ million users that they were acquired by Untappd in early 2016 and continue to operate under their own name and branding.




Yet another “pint predicting” app is BrewPublik. They’re the country’s first e-commerce, craft beer retailer. This venture-backed startup offers curated home or office deliveries using their own proprietary technology, that they call the “Beergorithm”, to link up users to brews they have yet to try. Now, they even service kegs and handle events!


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Want to buy and trade some of the most sought-after unicorns in the world of craft beer from your couch, without having to go any further than your front door? With The Beer Exchange, aka BEX, you can skip the hassle of traveling the country. Unless you’ve got the time and coin to spend on that endeavor, in that case, by all means… From anywhere, you can set up your profile with what you’ve got in stock (self-updating, to boot), what you want, and receive automatic matches that show you your ideal trading partners. Basically, it gets the whole USA to participate in a bottle-share.






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