Horizon Display Launches Fuse To Help Easily Create Touchscreen Apps


Horizon Display today announced the launch of Fuse, a new SaaS-based interactive application design and deployment platform. Engineered for rapid deployments with a low cost of entry, Fuse allows brands to create interactive apps to achieve powerful sales and marketing objectives like never before.

  • Scalability: Fuse has tools to support all deployment sizes. Users who are just getting their feet wet can rest assured that they are building on a platform that can support their short- and long-term growth strategies.
  • Modules: Fuse contains a wide variety and ever growing library of modules. Modules are pre-designed content containers that perform a wide range of functions.
  • Remote management: Check online status, organize your devices into groups, make changes to your content, and access user submission information of your entire deployment—all from one web-based platform.
  • Support for multiple clients: With a powerful WYSIWYG app authoring and deployment tools, agencies and other creative types can use Fuse to effectively build apps for their own clients.

horizon-display-launches-fuse-to-easily-create-touchscreen-appsBy now, you’re probably aware of digital interactivity and its many benefits. You may also know that the touch screen experience comprises two key elements: hardware and software. However, over the years we’ve noticed that companies focus more on selecting the right hardware—such as a wall, table, kiosk, or monitor display—when planning their interactive strategies. In other words, far too many companies overlook the importance of the software selection process.

Though hardware is certainly crucial to the overall interactive experience, software is the engine that drives an organization’s unique digital objectives and, ultimately, delivers the ROI. The application must be intuitive and provide the information users are looking for, all while meeting the organization’s goals. When consumers are exposed to interactive screens, the experience should be immediately apparent with meaningful and digestible content.

That’s where Fuse comes in.

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Fuse is built for business professionals who seek freedom beyond restrictive templates but are strapped for time and resources, both economic and human. Our subscription-based app builder enables users to create their own customized touch screen experiences through a powerful, yet easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.

Getting started is easy. Upon registration, users can begin immediately without needing to deal with the hassles of a sales process or complicated product demos. They simply log in to the Fuse Platform, choose from a wide variety of templates, add their content, and deploy to their interactive devices—anywhere in the world.

Over the years, we’ve worked with companies in numerous industries to create digital displays of all sizes. That’s why we fully understand that a brand’s content changes as your business initiatives evolve. It’s important for a brand’s message to stay relevant and up-to-date. Fuse was designed to allow organizations to update and manage their apps from anywhere and automatically deploy these scheduled changes.

The software has a variety of industry-specific layouts and themes that can be customized to reflect a brand’s identity. The platform’s modular design offers simplicity and flexibility, thus making it easy to create interactive apps. The platform also allows organizations to customize app backgrounds, logos, colors, and content categories. In this regard, Fuse is perfect for agencies that must create experiences for multiple clients.

Moreover, Fuse is ideal for companies looking to create interactive experiences free from the hassles of complicated product demos, a convoluted development process, and unexpected costs. The platform eliminates the barriers of entry for going interactive while enabling users to personalize and contextualize their digital touch experiences to fit brand identities.

We’ve already helped develop some of the best interactive displays in the industry. After developing custom applications for companies both large and small, we realized that many of our customers could benefit from simple yet robust touch screen software.

Fuse fills a void in the industry by offering a flexible platform that eliminates economic barrier of entry and the need for in-depth programming knowledge to rapidly deploy.

See How Fuse Works »