How Does Touch Technology Help to Increase Sales?


More than four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video than read. And that number continues to climb when the visual content becomes interactive. Interactive content is tangible; it answers the questions your customers have, when they have them. In a world in which 71% of consumers prefer their ads to be personalized, a customized experience ensures your brand message stands out.

While it’s easy to get distracted by the “next big thing” in marketing, the bottom line is new technology must increase sales. The good news is, it's not hard at all to draw a direct line from the right kind of touchscreen implementation to the kind of sales lift any business is looking for. And here are a couple of ways it works.

Touchscreens Educate the Customer

how-does-touch-technology-help-to-increase-sales.jpgCustomers have grown accustomed to having boundless access to information. So when they're looking at a high-ticket item that they're considering buying, an in-store touchscreen can supercharge their research right on-site.

It's not just knowledge that touchscreens offer customers; it's curated knowledge—information that speaks directly to the features of the product they're considering. Even the ability to place two or more products side by side to get a direct comparison that would be difficult to do with a series of searches on a smartphone. This level of guidance prevents customers from using the store just to browse before returning home to purchase from somewhere else. Having a range of curated product information on hand turns the showroom back into a sales floor. It positions a customer to learn everything they need to before making a decision, thereby resulting in a higher chance of conversion.

Touchscreens Increase Engagement

Playing in a store means staying in a store, and a longer visit means a higher chance of making a purchase—either planned or of the impulse variety. On the most basic level, the opportunity to engage with different touchscreens adds another reason to be there in-store besides just shopping or browsing. Touchscreen displays add a new direct touchpoint between a business and a consumer—giving someone visiting a store a chance to physically engage with the brand on a level that's not possible by just walking around. High-quality content that invites customers to be wowed and entertained both increases the chance of a sale on that visit and makes the business a place customers will return to engage with the touchscreen again and buy while they're at it.

Simplifying the Point of Sale

how-does-touch-technology-help-2.jpgIt's telling that while we're only just now seeing a renaissance in touchscreens for many different customer-facing applications, the one place we've seen medium-sized touchscreen displays at work for literally more than a decade is at the grocery store self-checkout.

Since grocery store touchscreens were first introduced, they’ve given customers a choice between traditional interaction with a cashier and the ability to get out of the store as quickly as possible with minimal human interaction. And as other industries, like fast-food restaurants, implement next-gen touchscreens to facilitate the quick purchase of complicated orders, we're seeing even more evidence that a checkout process with fewer frills is a boon for time-strapped, information-hungry customers. Touch technology gets people in and out of a store or restaurant quicker and more conveniently, with the right information and products.

When it comes down to it, the first answer to the question "how do you boost sales?" is quite obvious: You make it easier to pay. The right touchscreen can go a long way in facilitating that ease.

Take Sales to the Next Level

As consumers grow savvier and hungrier for customized, relevant information, businesses will have to continue to adapt to their needs. Interactive technology has been proven to boost sales anywhere from 50 to 250 percent.  So if you’re working with a client who’s skeptical about the benefits of touch technology, point them to the three examples above as surefire builders of ROI.

Still have questions about how to incorporate interactive technology into your marketing plan? Check out our free guide, How to Create the Perfect Touch Solution.

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