How to Use Touchscreen Technology at Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey


Consumers rarely just stumble into a purchase and walk away happy. Those watching the retail industry closely have established that there is a defined buyer’s journey on which customers take themselves. The steps are clear, and it’s incumbent on anyone who wants to truly thrive in a customer-facing enterprise to understand the journey that consumers take to get the information they need in order to make a purchase.  

Understanding the customer mindset at each step along the path to purchase, or buyer's journey, allows you to speak to their specific needs at each stage. As you’re looking for ways to implement an interactive strategy into your or your clients’ enterprises, know that touchscreens, when implemented correctly, can provide increased value and convenience for the customer and potential increased sales for the retailer at every step of the journey.

If you do it right, there’s no point along the way too early to introduce touchscreen technology into the consumer equation. So let’s explore what a customer is looking for out of each step of his or her journey on the way to fulfilling his or her need and what a touchscreen can do to make the customer experience better (and more profitable for the retailer).

The Customer’s Search for Information

how-to-use-touchscreen-technology.jpgInformation is pivotal in today’s consumer world. The more specialized the item, the more customers research online at home or in store on their smartphones. This is step one of the buyer’s journey—and a place where it makes perfect sense to implement a touchscreen.  

Setting up touchscreens that allow customers to get targeted information about the item they’re in a store to purchase points customers in the right direction, keeping them within a store’s technological ecosystem and helps them view the store as a trusted source of knowledge and information about the products and services being offered. This level of engagement can position a store to make recommendations and upsells based on the customer’s interests, right there at the kiosk. Providing an on-promise interactive experience, can bridge the gap between the digital store and the physical one.

Helping Customers Shop Around

Interactivity empowers customers to not only gather important product information, but also allows them to evaluate which product most fits their needs. An on-premise experience can bridge the gap between the digital presence and the physical store by providing a seamless experience where customers can take into consideration product reviews and compare similar items. This is especially useful for bigger-ticket products like appliances, which are not always on hand in store but require a great deal of thought before taking the plunge and making a purchase.

Touch at the Point of Sale

how-to-use-touchscreen-technology-2.jpgThe most recent generation of touchscreen vending machines, QSR ordering kiosks, and even the self-scan touchscreens in grocery stores demonstrates that the enhanced number of options and the on-screen convenience that a touchscreen offers turn the buying process from a slow and arduous part of the buyer’s journey into an efficient, convenient step that requires little to no assistance.

Touching the Touchscreen After the Sale

The buyer’s journey doesn’t always end with the purchase. Establishing loyalty programs and using surveys to collect data to improve and personalize the experience have grown in popularity as ways to keep customers coming back. A touchscreen kiosk capable of deploying a brief survey that allows a customer to quickly choose between if he or she is satisfied or not, have been catching on as a way to effectively gauge customer opinion and promote loyalty. Rounding out a trip to the store with a touchscreen experience, or folding this kind of data gathering and surveying into one of the other steps, is a great way to help ensure that customer interaction is not one-off, but the beginning of an ongoing loyal relationship.

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