How Touch Can Revolutionize Your Marketing Efforts


HOW_TOUCH_CAN_REVOLUTIONIZE.jpgMarketing is a field fueled by innovation and propelled by a constantly evolving climate. With advancements in technology, opinions and attitudes towards marketing are always changing, making it essential for organizations to stay up to date with current trends. We’ve provided examples of the benefits of interactive touch in marketing campaigns many times. Like the work we did for Intel on their
in-store experience, and our project with Toyota. Now that you’ve seen how it works, we’d like to show you why it works.

ge_62.jpgTouch technology allows for a level of customization like no other, allowing brands to accurately portray their products and services. A while back Intel came to us wanting to revamp their Best Buy in-store experience. Intel’s goal was to utilize their own products to showcase advancements in technology in an exciting and new way. Utilizing touch we were able to create touch tables that provided a hands-on exploration of Intel’s products and brand.

Intel_Experience.jpgIntel’s Best Buy interactive displays are a great example of a solution that connects to a specific audience. At times organizations have a vision in mind for their touch solution that they think is perfect, but they haven’t taken their intended audience into account. You may have a million great ideas for your display, but you always want to ask yourself, “Is this something my customer would want to see?” Intel accomplished this by working with DCI Marketing to create a solution that utilized their own products to showcase advancements in technology. Through research they targeted the younger generation.

Touch gives you the opportunity to tell your brand’s story in a new, visually compelling way. With other forms of traditional marketing, like television commercials and media releases, you have the opportunity to leave consumers with a relatively fleeting impression of your brand. Interactive touch allows you to give consumers an experience that they will engage with hands-on and are more likely to remember.

PUSH-Offices_Hertz-247_01.jpgWhen you launch a new product or service it’s imperative that you generate as much interest as possible. You want to give that intended audience we talked about earlier a reason to pay attention to your brand. A measureable, cohesive marketing campaign is necessary; be it email, print, social media or some combination of these. But touch could be just the thing your brand needs.

nikolaicornell_toyota_touchwall_04.jpgIn 2011 Toyota came to us and a group of partners to help them showcase the all new Prius at the North American Auto Show. Our team created a 60-square-foot digital display allowing consumers to explore videos and content. Our display gave consumers three key brand stories centered on different aspects of the Prius, allowing them to better connect with the Toyota brand. Through the interest garnered with our display Toyota was able to gather attendants information via connect pathways on their smartphones.  

It may sound novel, but interactive signage adds a “cool” factor to your marketing efforts. Plus, with advancements in touch software, you now have the ability to bring a unique user experience to your user interface. We have our own touch software that we are releasing called Fuse which really allows you to personalize your message and create meaningful stories to compliment your display medium.

Fuse_Auto.pngTouch technology has so many applications in the world of marketing. By giving consumers the opportunity to digitally interact with a your brand you create more engagement and awareness. If deployed the right way, it can truly revolutionize your marketing efforts.


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Author Bio | Casey Dubbs | Horizon Display

describe the imageCasey Dubbs, Marketing Manager for Horizon Display. Casey is a classic over-achiever who likes to get the job done right and can’t stand when things are left unfinished or with unmet potential. She is passionate about implementing others’ vision into reality. When she is not obsessing over marketing, she can be found in her garage working on her latest woodworking project. #buildlikeagirl