Interactive Doctor Offices, Kroger's Smart Shelves, Cincinnati Going Smart, Wal-Mart's New Touch Kiosks [Weekly Roundup]


Welcome to our weekly edition of Horizon's Interactive Roundup. In order to help you stay as up to date as possible on interactive technology and experiential marketing, here are some of our favorite news items:


Forward, the Apple Store of Doctor's Offices1-3-173331-r3-150dpi.jpg

Forward, a San Francisco medical startup, aims to be the model future doctor's offices. Utilizing A.I. technology and connected tools, the technology learns more and more about it's patients the more they use it. With a focus on prevention, a forward thinking monthly subscription payment plan, and high-tech gadgets and tools, Forward hopes to expand throughout the Bay Area and beyond. 


Kroger Testing Interactive Smart Shelves

In Cincinnati, Kroger is testing smart shelf technology. Currently it digitizes price tags and allows for efficient updating through the back end system. But more than that, it opens up the door to a host of future capabilities. With the future addition of blue-tooth technology, Kroger is hoping to deliver personalized messaging, on-demand nutritional information and even tie into mobile with hopes of reinventing brick-and-mortar retailing. 


Chicago Adding 55-inch Touchscreen Kiosks


Chicago is now joining the list of cities who are implementing smart Wi-Fi and information kiosks throughout their city. As part of AT&T Smart Cities, CiviQ Smartscapes will be installing 5 interactive Waypoint touchscreen kiosks in downtown Chicago. Look for even more cities implementing interactivity over 2017.

WalMart to Sell Cars Through Interactive Kiosks


WalMart is looking to add interactive kiosks that would allow it's customers at 25 Walmart Supercenters the ability to now shop, finance and insure a vehicle all through through the touch screen kiosk. A successful pilot program 2016 which converted nearly 80% of appointments into a sale, has WalMart and partners hopeful. It is still unclear the reach of the program and in how many stores it will be deployed, but the hopes are it can provide significant cost savings to would-be car buyers consistent with the Walmart experience.  


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