More Restaurant Kiosks, BMW's HoloActive Touch, World's First Interactive Movie [Weekly Interactive Roundup]


Welcome to our weekly edition of Horizon's Interactive Roundup. In order to help you stay as up to date as possible on interactive technology and experiential marketing, here are some of our favorite news items:


Saladworks introduces Life Bar Touchscreen Kiosks


In a move to rebrand the 30 year old company, Saladworks has a main goal in mind; connect with the technology-savvy consumer. The remodeled Saladworks restaurant has Wi-Fi connectivity, USB ports and electric jacks to allow diners to attend to their personal and business lives in addition to the Life Bar. The self-serve kiosk is an important tool for a restaurant like Saladworks that has 60 ingredients that can be configured into a mind-boggling number combinations. 


BMW's HoloActive Touch 


BMW has announced the first details of HoloActive Touch, a concept dash interface that uses gesture commands and floats a virtual touchscreen next to your steering wheel. The HoloActive touch uses a free-floating “virtual touchscreen” that “confirms the commands with what the driver perceives as tactile feedback. BMW distinguishes HoloActive Touch from existing HUDs by using reflections to create the illusion of a display floating in space rather than on the windshield. There's also a camera that can detect when the driver's fingertips are interacting with a virtual control surface.


"Late Shift" The World's First Interactive Movie


Late Shift, billed as the world's first interactive movie billed as the world's first interactive movie, will be released in the UK May 2017.  As the movie unfolds, the movie audience decides how the protagonist responds to various situations, affecting how the story plays out on the big screen utilizing a smartphone app. There are about 180 different decision points that produce both big and small storyline branches, with seven different endings in total. 


Digital Signage Today Releases Their 2017 Trend Report


The 2017 Digital Signage Future Trends Reportlooks at the trends and attitudes affecting the digital signage industry and is a must-read for deployers and providers who want to keep up with competition and speed up ROI. The nearly 50-page downloadable report contains the full results of our exclusive survey of over 600 deployers and hardware/software/service providers in the dynamic digital signage industry.



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