Personalized Cruises, KFC's Facial Recognition Kiosk, A Home Wine Bar & Interactive License Plates [Weekly Interactive Roundup]


Welcome to our weekly edition of Horizon's Interactive Roundup. In order to help you stay as up to date as possible on interactive technology and experiential marketing, here are some of our favorite news items:


Carnival Cruise Lines Wearable Technology Creates Personalized Experience


Carnival Cruise announces new interactive technology that dramatically overhauls passenger experience through a wearable medallion and touchscreen concierge. The Ocean Medallion can unlock doors simply by approaching them and offers a navigation tool to help family members find one another. The connected app allows guest to order food and plan activities even prior to boarding. 


KFC Kiosk Suggests What to Order Based on Your Face 

KFC Facial Recognition Kiosk.png

The fast food chain's Chinese division is partnering up with Baidu (essentially China's Google) to create a new tech-infused "smart restaurant" in Beijing that'll use kiosks with facial recognition technology to scan a customer's face and make food order suggestions based on their mood, age and gender. In addition to making assumptions oh what you want to eat because you are a 20 year-old male or a 50 year-old female, the technology will recognize you on return visits and make suggestions based on what you have ordered in the past. Making "smart restaurants" is not new to KFC China or Baidu. Earlier this year they introduced order-taking robots


Introducing Interactive Digital License Plates

Relatively untouched for 125 years, license plates are getting a major overhaul. Already approved in four states, Reviver's rPlate allows for applications such as DMV registration and hyper-local messaging, telematics and vehicle management. With geolocation technology, the plates can broadcast emergency programming, extreme weather alerts, amber alerts and even pay for tolls and parking fees. 


D-Vine Home Sommelier and Wine Bar


The D-Vine Connect transforms the wine experience creating a wine bar in the comfort of your home. With an interactive interface, the D-Vine sets the right temperature for each chosen wine, and it decants it for you from the dispenser. With it's AI it can make perfect wine-food pairings taking into account your tastes, manage your wine cellar and recommend and take your next order. 



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