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Welcome to our weekly edition of Horizon's Interactive Roundup. In order to help you stay as up to date as possible on interactive technology and experiential marketing, here are some of our favorite news items:

Introducing the Google Jamboard


This week Google announced the release of it's Jamboard, a 55" interactive touch display with 4k resolution sleekly wrapped in red and white. The Jamboard is a digital whiteboard made to work with Google's G Suite of collaboration tools in the cloud.  The Jamboard allows you to write with one of the two included styluses, erase with a cloth that also cleans the screen, and use your fingers to interact with multi-touch gestures. Subscribe to read our thoughts on how this will effect the interactive market in an upcoming post. 


Watson brings in-car marketing experience to GM drivers

This week, GM and IBM announced a partnership to bring the power of OnStar and IBM Watson together to create OnStar Go, the auto industry's first cognitive mobility platform.  OnStar Go will give GM owners the ability to connect and interact with their favorite brands through personalized content delivered through their dash. Watson will study driver's habits to learn their behaviors and preferences so it can deliver personalized location-based suggestions. OnStar Go is expected to be available in more than 2 million vehicles in the US by the end of 2017.


Interactive city tours are everywhere 


Las Vegas is one of the latest cities on the list to create an interactive exhibit this October, showcasing the cities attractions and delights. The Vegas Interactive trade show booth features four 55-inch interactive screens in a video wall loaded with more than 4,000 pieces of content to create a virtual reality type of experience. The Pittsburgh Port Authority also released their interactive kiosks this month, along with Albany, NY, Newark, NJ, and Richmond, North Carolina. We predict interactive visitor and tourism tours and kiosks to be an ongoing trend for 2017. 


Casper: Making moves to prove they are the better mattress


If you haven't heard of Casper yet, you will. An e-commerce company with no physical stores and only one model of mattress has certainly disrupted the market and made everyone in line for a new mattress take notice. Their go-to-market strategy is certainly revolutionary for a mattress company and their social media presence has somehow made a mattress company cool, cutting-edge and humorous.  There are countless videos online of customers filming themselves opening their packaged mattress which emerges violently from a small box. Seriously, countless. Winner of Fast Company of Innovation by Design 2015 and Big Innovation Award 2016, people are taking notice of Casper.  Recently, they concluded their west coast Casper Nap Tour in San Francisco after stopping at several major city markets across the US.  The Nap Tour featured a trailer with four individual nap pods, designed after Japanese capsule motels, where potential customers were given the opportunity to take a snooze on the Casper Mattress for themselves. 


Real-life Robocops hitting the streets in Dubai

touchscreen enabled robocop.png

Robot police are hitting the streets of Dubai in 2017. These robot patrolmen feature a touchscreen where citizens can report crimes and pay fines for traffic violations. The Robocop robots can also scan faces and are expected to spot people from 10-20 meters away. Dubai police, IBM's supercomputer, Watson and Google are working together to add a virtual assistant system so the robot can follow voice commands and interact directly with people by answering questions and responding to complaints.  


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