This Week's Interactive Technology Roundup


Welcome to our weekly edition of Horizon's Interactive Technology round up. In order to help you stay as up to date as possible on interactive technology and experiential marketing, here are some of our favorite news items:


Company Spotlight : American Express


American Express approaches it's experiences with an understanding that in order for the experience to be successful it needs to provide a service.  And that strategy has proven to be a success winning them the 2016 Grand Ex award for their US Open Activation.  This year's American Express Pro Walk Fan Experience give fans a real life experience of what it feels like to walk out from the locker room and into a 360 degree interactive court. 


Bread &Butter 2016 the first interactive pop-up mall


Bread&Butter 2016, Berlin's hottest Trend Show, created a shoppable fashion experience unlike anything done before. After a few rocky years, the 2016 Bread&Butter show, sponsored by ecommerce giant Zalando, utilized the latest in technology to create an immersive  retail experience. For the first time, Bread&Butter was open to the public, breaking the circle of exclusivity, and empowering consumers to personally engage and interact with fashion buying looks straight off the runway through QR Codes and interactive video walls. 


Google brings interactive display to African American history museum 


Google has been developing interactive-display technology that will allow visitors to examine artifacts from all angles using 3-D scans that they can access on their smartphone at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. This technology eliminates the limitations facing the museum by allowing them to display more historic artifacts at a time and in a way their audience can "handle" the delicate artifacts. 


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