The Unspoken Truths of Touchscreen Content

By Casey Dubbs | Tue, Mar, 21, 2017 @ 06:03 AM

First, let’s start with some stats I painstakingly researched on the internet for 5 minutes:

  • The average human attention span is 8 seconds
  • Most people who click on this article won’t finish reading it
  • 22% of American adults have ADD/ADHD
  • 1 out of 4 of them is faking it, but that doesn’t mean they don't have attention span problems - Oh! Something shiny!

So what does this all mean for touch screen content? It means every touch point has to add real value to your user, like NOW. We have 8 seconds to answer a question, solve a problem or fill a need  – and still we see way too many mediocre touch interfaces.

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How to Calculate the ROI of Your Touchscreen Experience

By Casey Dubbs | Wed, Mar, 01, 2017 @ 08:03 AM

For marketers working in today’s touchscreen-enabled world, calculating ROI isn’t as abstract a concept as it had been traditionally. This is great news. Unlike with a standard television advertisement or even online video, determining a conversion isn’t just a matter of trying to connect the dots. If you use a touchscreen as a part of your marketing campaign, the “touchpoint” between your client’s brand and the customer can be a literal point on the screen that the customer touches. And that offers a more reliable way to track interactions, run analytics, and determine the effectiveness of the campaign—that is, if you’re setting things up the right way.

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Megatablets: Are They the Hottest Tools in Touch Technology?

By Casey Dubbs | Wed, Feb, 22, 2017 @ 08:02 AM

The trends in enterprise technology can be fickle. A few years back, everybody was certain that wearables would require their own in-office platforms. But while you can still see health trackers on the occasional consumer’s wrist, the enterprise use hasn’t materialized the way the trade shows were anticipating. Last year’s holiday season filled more homes than ever with voice-activated hardware, but whether or not we’ll see businesses managing their in-office operations by calling out to Alexa depends on quite a few different factors. And, of course, general Internet of Things use is growing both at home and in the office, but there’s no one standout product that’s quite jumped out yet as that must-have device every vendor hopes to launch. All of this raises the question: Is there an enterprise technology poised to break out and take 2017 by storm?

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