Touchscreens Boost Sales, Miami-Dade County Going Smart, Baby's First Smart Monitor [Weekly Interactive Roundup]


Welcome to our weekly edition of Horizon's Interactive Roundup. In order to help you stay as up to date as possible on interactive technology and experiential marketing, here are some of our favorite news items:


Touchscreens Boost Revenue at Ford Field

AR-161219861.jpgThis year, three self-serve touchscreens at Ford Field allowed Lions fans the opportunity to customize their own player jersey and have proven to improve the process and sales.  Previously, personalized jerseys used analog technology in the stadium shop: Fans talked to clerks, who wrote down orders one at a time. It was a slower process, and the store did anywhere from about dozen to 30 jerseys on average per game.  With the new touchscreen ordering system, the shop now typically does 40-50 custom jerseys per game

Miami-Dade Investing in Smart Kiosks


A rendering of what a new interactive kiosk may look like at up to 300 Miami-Dade bus stops and Metrorail stations across the county.  The kiosks show digital advertising as well as information the county wants to share with residents, including transit schedules.



Mattel Announces Baby's First Virtual Assistant

840x-1.jpgMattel has unveiled what it’s calling the world’s first smart baby monitor, Aristotle, expected to start selling this summer for $300.  Among other things, Aristotle will help purchase diapers, read bedtime stories, soothe infants back to sleep, and teach toddlers foreign words. It consists of an HD camera and a voice-controlled conical tower, the size of a lava lamp, that can light up in different colors and contains a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi speaker that responds to spoken commands and even interact and play games with your child as they grow older. 



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